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rileyLIVE! Episode 103: The Nerd Smackdown! (ft. Mat Schantz and Joe Heaney)

On our weekly show this Tuesday, Dan Beckmann and Erinn Dearth have both chosen one of their smartest friends for THE NERD SMACKDOWN! Join in the fun at 7pm Eastern.



Mat is a lifelong nerd with interests all over the place. His main hobby right now is Magic the Gathering, in which he spends way too much time (just ask his girlfriend). His other interests include mythology from all over the world, RPGs both tabletop and on the screen, along with all sorts of fiction topics. Favorite authors include Issac Asimov, David & Leigh Eddings, and Robert Jordan (whom he met one time at Dragon Con...another nerdy interest!) He hopes one day to be able to stream with friends on Twitch and possibly garner a following. He is also a lawyer.


Joe Heaney grew up with Star Wars, Star Trek, and a healthy rotation of all things fantasy. He's spent far too much money over the years on Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, Warhammer, and his PC. In 2018 he competed at the world championship for X Wing Miniatures. Though a lifelong nerd, Joe is humbled by his wife's ability to name the track and composer of any classic JRPG score you play for her.


Also this week on rileyLIVE, you'll also hear a new theme song by Colton Ensley Brooks!

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